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In English...
  Welcome to homepage of Fix Point Accounting Services, Ltd.!

   Our company was founded in 1993 by two Hungarian accountants. We offers to your business enterprise (from being under foundation
   till liquidation) a good-price, trustful, correct accounting and related services (for example: wage-counting, employment registry, tax
   acknowledgement, etc.). Our office is near by underground station "Ecseri út" on 3rd (blue) line. On the page "Árkalkuláció (Calculating)"  
   you find a calculator about our fees which depend on the type of your company and main taxing method, the number of employees, the
   number of booked items, and whether your company is new or interested in commerce. On page "Kapcsolat (Contact)" you find our
   address, phone number, email addresses, and an email form. You find the more popular acts on page "Letöltések (Downloads)".

   Thank you for visiting our webpage.

   Yours Sincerely,

   Csaba Horvath
   chartered accountant and common representative